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Why Wood Chippers are Key in Forestry Work


Are you involved in regular forestry work? Then a wood chipper should be a part of your arsenal. Wood chippers are key pieces of machinery within forestry, allowing for quick disposal of large pieces of wood and providing chippings for a variety of uses.  

Find out why forestry wood chippers are so important within forestry applications and their benefits.

What is a Wood Chipper?

A wood chipper is a piece of machinery that can be utilised by both businesses and in personal settings to rid areas of debris and large amount of wood. Beneficial for gardeners, landscapers and those working in forestry, the machinery is a great way of turning waste into a useful item. 

Wood chippers are able to handle the process of chipping and cutting wide, hard pieces of wood, while also being able to deal with thinner branches and even leaves. It’s a powerful piece of machinery that can be useful in a variety of scenarios.

Types of Wood Chipper

There are a wide range of different wood chippers for sale within the listings on Mascus UK, and in general. From petrol wood chippers to electric wood chippers, and across various body types, you’ll be able to find an option to suit your requirements. 

Drum Wood Chippers

Drum wood chippers are machines with large horizontal drums featuring blades. These wood chippers are great in handling larger loads and very fibrous materials, but it may struggle to create equally sized chips.  

Disk Wood Chippers

Disk wood chippers feature vertical disks with inset blades that cut wood at a 45° angle. Fast and energy efficient, this chipper is able to cut chips into a uniform shape and size and is excellent for smaller branches of wood. 

Screw Wood Chippers

Screw wood chippers feature blades shaped like a large screw, which rotate and help to pull the wood through the chipper. It is able to produce uniform sized chips. 

The Benefits of Wood Chippers

Forestry wood chippers are excellent for reducing large trees and brush – that can often to be difficult to transport around – into valuable material with a wide range of uses. The machinery has a wide range of benefits, including: 

Easier Transport

Trees, branches, logs – they are all challenging to move and often require further machinery for transport or disposal. Wood chippers can help to make the materials smaller and re-usable, before they’re even considered a “waste material”.  

Environmentally Friendly

In some instances, materials are burned to get rid of them, which can have a negative impact on the environment as well as causing bad smells and discouraging local wildlife. A woodchipper can help to avoid this! 

Profitable Materials

Using a wood chipper can produce useful materials that you can sell on to make profit, including processed wood or timber for use in furniture, mulch for gardening, and even biofuel. 

Uses for Wood Chips

Wood chippings have a variety of uses, with some more obvious than others. You can use wood chippings around gardens to provide nutrition for the plants as they decompose, for example.  


Walkways are a great way to repurpose wood chippings, as they’re exceptionally quick and easy to make, and great for movement in and out of forestry working settings – allowing you to keep boots cleaner. They can also naturally create a drainage system to avoid muddy working areas. 


Smaller chippings can be used to make top quality compost. As they are extremely carbon rich, they can be used to make quick, minerally intense compost. The chips will need to be small, however, for them to be able to break down faster. 

Find Wood Chippers for Sale at Mascus

Among our listings you can find a wide range of wood chippers available for your forestry applications, ready to purchase from a number of sellers.  

Find your next wood chipper today, or alternatively, browse our extended range of forestry equipment.  

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