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What is a Telescopic Handler?


A Telescopic handler, otherwise referred to as a telehandler, are multi-purpose machines often used across the construction and agriculture industries. Their primary role is lifting, moving and placing materials such as bricks or lumber – but they can be utilised across a number of different stages of a project.

Their varied usage means they are often some of the first machinery options seen on a project, and they can often be seen right through to the end of the project too.

But why use a telehandler, and what makes them so useful? Find out more.

Why use a Telescopic Handler?

Using a construction telehandler can help get a project off the ground. They are built for the movement and handling of materials – but through the attachment of a range of different accessories, this versatile piece of machinery can be used within a range of different tasks.

Lifting pallets or suspended loads? Check. Assisting in clean-up at the end of the job? It can be involved there too. What about staging initial materials? Yep, you guessed it, a telescopic handler can be involved.

The Benefits of Telehandlers

There are a range of benefits to utilising telehandlers within your projects. So why should you choose a telehandler in a construction or agricultural setting?

  • Telehandlers are versatile: with a vast number of attachments available to connect to the end of the boom like scoop buckets and crane arms, there are a number of different uses for a telehandler.
  • The machinery is cost-effective: as one telescopic handler can perform a range of tasks, and can be used with varied attachments as usage needs evolve.
  • They offer access over obstacles: combining exceptional lifting potential with incredible vertical and forward reach, these handlers are able to place material wherever it is required.
  • The machinery can be used in rough terrain: telehandlers are able to handle rough terrain with four-wheel drive and four-wheel steeling. Poor conditions are no match for them!
  • Telescopic handlers have high load capacities: these machines are able to lift several tons of material which makes them far stronger than similar sized machinery.

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