Mascus Price Indicator tool

Mascus Price Indicator


The tool that helps you put the right price on your machines

Mascus Price Indicator is a free valuation tool available to Mascus clients exclusively, used for finding out the correct price of their machine for sale.

To access the Mascus Price Indicator, login to Mascus, click on My Mascus button next to the log off button and finally, click on Price Indicator.

Image showing the new Price Indicator tool in the My Mascus menu
Find the Price Indicator tool under My Mascus after login

Try it now!

What is it?

With millions of items put up for sale on Mascus every year, we have been able to collect pricing information on all sorts of used heavy machinery and industrial transport vehicles and built a tool to visualize this data by:

  • Year
  • Hours/km read out
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Location
  • Specification (accessories, attachment, refurbishment, etc.)

How does it help your business?

We know that your personal experience and knowledge are probably your best pricing tools and we are not trying to replace them. The Mascus Price Indicator simply gives you access to anonymous historical pricing data in a user-friendly application and should be used as an additional source of information when you are making a valuation, trade-in.

If you would like to find out more about the Mascus Price Indicator, please contact your Mascus representative.

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