Mascus Market Report on Used Agricultural Equipment


European Sales & Demand in the First Half of 2018

Agricultural equipment is currently the second largest category of used equipment listings on Mascus, while tractors are the most present type of farm machinery among them, as one would expect. The construction category has already been covered in a previous Mascus Market Report here. Following the same method, we are now taking a closer look into the demand and offer trends in the used agricultural equipment, listed on Mascus during the first half of 2018 in Europe. The subsequent findings are supported by an average of more than 75,000 used agricultural equipment for sale per month during this period.

Used agricultural equipment for sale in Europe in the first half of 2018

Looking at figures for the above-mentioned period, 112,009 used agricultural equipment listings located in Europe were removed from Mascus by sellers and 85,565 used agricultural machines were added for sale. Removed listings from the Mascus platform are an essential indicator to monitor and a strong signal that those machines were probably sold.

Among all agricultural machine types, tractors are the best represented type in terms of both the offer as well as the demand. They amount to 19% of the total active listings of agricultural machines on Mascus, and an impressive 42% slice of the total removed items. Furthermore, when comparing individual monthly values, it shows that the demand escalated and the removed tractors roughly doubled in the last two months of the first half of the year (May and June) compared to the beginning of the year.

The top 3 tractor brands for sale on Mascus are John Deere, New Holland and Massey Ferguson. On the demand side, Ford is replacing New Holland and ranks second in the buyers’ interests, even though the supply is only half matching the demand, considering the fact that they are no longer produced.

Combine harvesters are the second most purchased agricultural machinery type on Mascus in Europe although they account for just 19% as compared to the number of removed tractors listings.

The following graphic shows monthly statistics for added and removed agricultural equipment on in the first half of 2018, applied to machines located in Europe.

Agricultural machine listings in Europe – monthly statistics Jan.-Jul. 2018

Agricultural machine listings in Europe - monthly statistics Jan.–Jul. 2018

Total Listings on Mascus New Listings monthly Sold (Listings removed)

Best sold types & brands of used agricultural machinery

Final transactions between buyers and sellers are not registered on Mascus as we only provide a listing service, however for reporting purposes we consider a machine SOLD when it is removed as listing from Mascus by its seller.

Below you can see how many equipment items were removed between January and June 2018 for the top 10 most popular equipment types by manufacturer.

Tractors Combine harvesters Round balers Mowers
John Deere 8,424 CLAAS 1,547 CLAAS 525 CLAAS 413
Ford 5,857 John Deere 1,056 John Deere 317 Kuhn 364
Massey Ferguson 5,404 New Holland 627 New Holland 212 Krone 271
New Holland 4,293 Massey Ferguson 192 Krone 198 Kverneland 78
Case IH 3,067 Case IH 126 Kuhn 59 John Deere 68
Fendt 2,348 Fendt 82 Case IH 24 Hyundai 56
CLAAS 2,245 Caterpillar 26 Massey Ferguson 23 Deutz-Fahr 8
Fiat 1,786 Deutz-Fahr 21 Kverneland 18 Fendt 7
VALTRA 1,726 Case 17 Fiat 4 Amazone 4
Case 819 Krone 9 Deutz 3 Massey Ferguson 3
TOTAL 35,969 TOTAL 3,703 TOTAL 1,383 TOTAL 1,272


Rakes and tedders Square balers Telehandlers for agriculture Reversible ploughs
Kuhn 393 CLAAS 294 Manitou 320 Kverneland 437
CLAAS 328 New Holland 240 JCB 212 Kuhn 168
Krone 268 John Deere 111 CLAAS 92 Massey Ferguson 4
Kverneland 40 Krone 92 New Holland 42 Amazone 2
Deutz-Fahr 6 Massey Ferguson 61 Caterpillar 19 Case IH 2
Massey Ferguson 4 Case IH 12 John Deere 13 Krone 2
Fendt 3 Fendt 11 Massey Ferguson 9 Case 1
Kubota 2 Kuhn 10 Terex 7
John Deere 2 International 8 Bobcat 7
Fiat 4 JLG 4
TOTAL 1,046 TOTAL 843 TOTAL 725 TOTAL 616


What type of used agricultural equipment are global buyers looking for in Europe?

Specifically within the EU, agricultural machinery can circulate rather freely and buyers can decide to go the extra mile for buying a used machine in good shape, no matter the location. The intent of buying is measured on Mascus by the total sum of contact requests and calls initiated by buyers. We are analysing these values for the first half of 2018 to find out more about the demand trends.

During this period the top 10 most requested types of used agricultural equipment located in Europe were:

1. Tractors 6. Drills
2. Combine harvesters 7. Other agricultural machines
3. Round balers 8. Telehandlers for agriculture
4. Square balers 9. Reversible ploughs
5. Mowers 10. Tipper trailers


Leading by far, tractors account for half of the demand. Data shows that the demand for tractors is higher in the beginning of the year, then steadily drops to a value that is 30% less by the end of Q2. Hay and forage equipment such as round or square balers and mowers, is also of great interest to buyers.

Which brands of used agricultural equipment are global buyers looking for in Europe?

John Deere is clearly the dominating brand followed by CLAAS and New Holland. You can see below the top 10 ranking.

1. John Deere 6. Case IH
2. CLAAS 7. Valtra
3. New Holland 8. FIAT
4. Massey Ferguson 9. Ford
5. Fendt 10. JCB


The highest demand for farm used equipment in Europe comes from countries that have a well-developed agriculture sector and stable economies. See below top 10 countries with the highest demand for used agricultural equipment located in Europe.

1. Germany 6. United Kingdom
2. Denmark 7. France
3. Poland 8. Finland
4. Netherlands 9. Spain
5. Sweden 10. Hungary is a global listing web site featuring more than 400,000 used heavy machinery and industrial vehicles for sale from 6,000 professional sellers (traders, dealers and OEMs). Additionally, Mascus builds custom mobile apps, web shops, marketing tools and various software solutions for OEMs and heavy machinery dealers.

Source: Mascus International B.V.

Authors: Ana Maria JURCA (Communication Specialist at Mascus) & Gauthier DOMINICY (Chief Marketing Officer at Mascus)

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