Industry Report: International and Domestic Demand on Used Equipment Listed on Mascus, Sep-Oct 2019


Insights on demand origin for top 10 countries with the highest volume of listings on Mascus

Mascus is a listings service for heavy used equipment, with operations around the world, 33 local offices in various countries and our platform is available in 38 different languages. Therefore international exposure is one of the main benefits of listing used equipment stock on Mascus.

Part of the international exposure is achieved by default, as heavy equipment items are viewed by potential buyers from various countries as soon as they are placed online on our multilingual platform. However, to increase visibility, we also offer banner advertising services on Mascus, where sellers can select to promote their business to different countries than the one they operate in.

For this purpose, we’ve looked into our data to find out the origin of email buying requests received by dealers and advertisers through Mascus during the months of September and October in 2019.

We’ve limited our purpose to analysing the origin of demand for top 10 countries with the highest number of equipment listings for each of the 6 main industries present on Mascus: construction, agriculture, transportation, material handling, forestry and groundscare.

For each of these countries, we share the top 5 countries sending out email buying requests and the percentage they represent out of the total demand for that specific country.

Agriculture – Which countries are trying to buy used agricultural equipment from our top markets?

Finland displays the highest local demand for used agricultural equipment, a little over half of the total demand. For United Kingdom, France and Sweden the local demand represents about a third of the total number of email contact requests. On the opposite side, local requests for used agricultural equipment in Poland are low, and represent only 3% of the total number of requests.

Construction – Which countries are trying to buy used construction equipment from our top markets?

Regarding demand for used construction equipment, United Kingdom displays the highest domestic demand, 44% of the total demand. Email contact request originating from United Kingdom are also situated on the first place regarding demand for used construction equipment in China (18%), the Netherlands (15%), and Poland (10%). They also display significant interest in equipment for sale in USA, France, and Germany.

Domestic demand is low for construction machines for sale in the Netherlands (10%) and Poland (9%). Poland does show some interest in buying used construction equipment for sale in Germany (9% out of the total demand for used equipment located in Germany), Denmark (8%), France (8%), United Kingdom (7%).

In Sweden half of the demand for used construction equipment comes from the Nordic countries, with the local demand at 33%, followed by buying requests from Finland (7%), Norway (6%) and Denmark (4%).

Transportation – Which countries are trying to buy used transportation equipment from our top markets?

Same as in the agriculture and construction sectors, Sweden has a strong local demand also for used transportation equipment (30%), followed by international interest coming from France (9%) and Spain (5%).

The percentage of domestic demand is highest in Spain (40%), with Spain also being the country with the highest volume of transportation listings on Mascus.

There is a fragmented international demand for used transportation equipment for sale in the Netherlands originating from UK (13%), France (8%), Spain (8%), Germany (6%). Domestic demand amounts to only 7%.

The Czech Republic is on the 5th place in terms of used transportation equipment listed on Mascus. Besides the local demand at 29%, the receive buying emails from other Eastern European countries: Slovakia (13%), Hungary (7%), Poland (7%).

Material Handling – Which countries are trying to buy used material handling equipment from our top markets?

In the material handling sector, the following countries receive a high international demand for their used equipment: Denmark, Germany, Netherlands.

The USA, Sweden and UK have a strong local demand, which is approaching half of the total demand or even surpassing it, in the case of USA (55%).

As a particularity, United Kingdom sends out significant buying requests to 8 out of the 10 countries with most material handling equipment listed on Mascus, making them a very important buyer for European used equipment in this sector.

We also see USA buying intention for material handling equipment for sale in France (14%), Poland (12%), Germany (8%), Finland (7%), Netherlands (6%), Sweden (5%).

Forestry – Which countries are trying to buy used forestry equipment from our top markets?

We notice Lithuania and Estonia making their way into the low top 10 in terms of listings on Mascus in the forestry sector. Although Lithuania does not have a strong local demand for forestry equipment, they are sending buying requests for machines for sale in the Nordic countries and Poland.

Interestingly, USA receives a 50% demand on their used equipment listings in forestry from Turkey.

Groundscare – Which countries are trying to buy used groundscare equipment from our top markets?

In the used groundscare equipment sector, USA stands out with the highest percentage for local demand we’ve seen so far: 61%. At the same time, they are also sending international buying requests to Denmark, United Kingdom and Germany (10% of their respective total demand).

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